The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, which offers a progressive music examination system in more than 100 countries around the world, includes the Royal Academy of Music, Royal College of Music, Royal Northern College of Music and Royal Scottish. It is an international testing board established by the Academy of Music and Drama. Exams; 35 instruments are performed in the branches of singing, theory and applied music and are open to musicians of all ages, amateur and professional, as well as students who are studying music. The Joint Board tests over half a million students each year, which is the largest music examination system in the world and plays a major role in establishing and developing music education standards worldwide.
Exams can be handled in three different categories. The first category includes exams with or without passing. These; It is a Preparatory Exam designed for candidates with 6-9 months of education and an Executive Assessment Exam designed for adults over the age of 21. The second category is Progressive Exams, covering eight distinct stages that are getting increasingly difficult. The third category is Diploma Exams, which include three different diploma exams.
Candidates are not required to take the exams from each stage or in a specific order. However, in order to take the 6th, 7th or 8th stage Applied Exams, it is required to have successfully passed the 5th stage of the Theory or Practical Musicianship exam and received its certificate. The theory exam is held twice a year, in March and November.

Candidates who are successful at the end of each stage are given a certificate to prove this. In addition, each candidate receives a report containing detailed comments from the examiner during the exam.

Diploma Exams are ARSM, DipABRSM, LRSM and FRSM, respectively. In order to take the DipABRSM exam, one must pass the Stage 8 Practical Exam and each diploma exam is a prerequisite for the next one. Undergraduate Diploma in our country is also Y.Ö.K. It has been accepted as equivalent to pre-license.

Applied Exams are held twice a year, in January and April-May. Examiners from England take the exams within the framework of the schedule that has been notified to them. The exams are still carried out in many schools in Izmir, Ankara, Bursa, Istanbul, Kocaeli, Bodrum, Edirne, Denizli, Ayvalık, Samsun, Aydın, Fethiye, Sakarya, Trabzon, Konya, Ortaca (Muğla), Diyarbakır, Hatay, Adana and Antalya. we are performing in the courses. Our aim is to spread to all neighboring countries to Turkey and these exams. Written Theory exams are held twice a year, in November and March. From the candidate to the application deadline for the exam, a certain fee is charged according to the stage they will enter in the ABRSM's annual fee list. Apart from this, no additional fee is charged for the exam.

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