Theory Exams

Music theory is examined through written papers and consists of 8 grades. Candidates are required to pass Grade 5 Theory, Grade 5 Practical Musicianship, or Grade 5 in a solo Jazz subject in order to progress to practical exams at Grades 6, 7 and 8. The certificate must be included during the application process. For example: A candidate taking the theory exam in November can  not take the practical exam in January. The exams are evaluated in England and it takes approximately 3 months for the exam results and certificate to be received. In January the candidate will not have yet received   the Theory 5th grade results, and therefore will have to wait until the following April-May exams.

The Theory exam is run twice a year in February-March and October-November in approved exam centers. In places where there are no such centers, the written exam is administered in the school the candidates attend, under   the proctorship of their teachers.

Theory exam papers are originally in English. However, a Turkish translation is included in every exam paper. Answers should be written in Turkish on the ORIGINAL questionnaire. Candidates wishing to respond can in English.