Epik  School of Music  was founded in September 1990, by Maria Rita Epik.

Within a structured framework the school focuses on all the classical instruments, vocal training, theory and music education. Students are provided with many opportunities to experience the responsibility and joy of performing as a group.

Students range from the age of 0 to adults, and people of varying levels of talent are offered  an education which is in accordance with their goals, whether  as an amateur or professional. As a result, the student body includes musicians who attend the world-famous prestigious Berklee, and many adult students who share the pleasure of performing music.

For 24 years our school has stood by its principles in the field of music education, raising countless students and being a pioneer in a multitude of  areas. The Epik School of Music led the way in Turkey  by  opening the first summer school for music, organizing the first street concerts, founding the first guitar orchestra amongst its students, and establishing the first sinfonietta (a small symphony orchestra). It also set an example in Turkey by  teaching  a blind student how to play the flute by using the Braille method.

Our founder, Maria Rita Epik, was also the first to administer the International Music Exams(ABRSM)  and  the first to bring the Kodaly Method of Music Education to Turkey.

Every Thursday evening our students perform together in our Concert Hall which seats 120. Entrance is free of charge and open to all music lovers. This arrangement allows for each of our students to perform on stage at least once a year.

Certain events have become traditional in the past 24 years: "My teacher and I", "Concert of the Tiny Ones", "The Adults’ Concert"  and  "The Whole Family Concert" are some of these. Alongside these, the departments for each instrument  organize a special group concert. Our most prestigious concert is the traditional “End of the Year Concert”, which rounds off the school year.

Many well-known musicians have graced the school with their presence, either giving a recital or a talk on their subjects of expertise. Some of these visiting musicians who were honoured by the Turkish government as ‘Artists of the State` are:
Verda Erman,  Suna Kan,  Hikmet Şimşek, Gülsin Onay and  Ruşen Güneş.

Our school continues to be a role model in the field of music education.